Mission Statement

The goal of Lyons Industrial Properties is to provide the most comprehensive real estate solutions for our current and future clients throughout the Upstate of SC; reaching globally. Our values of God and family strengthen our abilities to represent our rapidly growing client base in the most productive manner possible. Client satisfaction remains of utmost importance…above profits, awards,
and any other accolade we could achieve.

Our Values and Beliefs

  • While engaged on your project, our team becomes your corporate real estate department with only your best interest in mind.
  • As building owners ourselves, we know what it feels like to the seller or landlord with a vacant or partially occupied building. We have been in your shoes so we know the importance of timing and hard work on our part to complete the transaction quickly!
  • Lyons Industrial Properties believes that there is no such thing as a “past” client.
  • For tenants, buyers and users we understand timing is critical and work as swiftly and diligently as possible to solve space needs on time and on budget.